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A sign of a good leader is taking responsibility and fulfilling the work that he/she has been given.  A good leader also steps up when someone else slacks off to make sure that everything gets done.


State Officers are to use this page for their work assignments and to download forms used to complete their work assignments.  The work you do will be posted and shared with chapters under each officer's name.

The Monthly Report Form MUST be emailed to Paul Grethel starting on July 31 and at the end of each month through January 31.

Brock Sykes, President (EC)
University View Academy
Cell: 985-320-9788 
Facebook: Brock Sykes
X: @deca_brock
Instagram: @deca.brock


Adiella Keyser, Vice-President of Marketing & Communications (EC)
Vidalia HS
Cell: 601-344-3349
Facebook: Adiella Keyser
X: @AdiellaKeyser
Instagram: @deca.adiella


Aurora-Belle Livingston, Vice-President of Hospitality (EC)
Walker HS
Cell: 225-439-9888 
Instagram: @deca.aurora

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