Being a judge for DECA competition allows you to make a firsthand difference in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.  Through judging competitive events you'll discover the detail and depth DECA members put into their projects, and you’ll begin to see how DECA members are ready to make an impact in our world.


Inspire emerging leaders and entrepreneurs


As a competitive events judge, you’ll see DECA members who have been preparing all year-long in classrooms to have their chance to shine in front of you.

  • They’ll share promotional strategies for a case study they just received 10 minutes ago.

  • They’ll passionately explain how they activated their entire community to get behind an important cause.

  • They’ll unveil a comprehensive generational marketing strategy for a local business that developed through their classroom learning.

  • They’ll tell you about their real business (yes, real) and their plans to grow it over the next three years.


You’ll be so impressed you’ll forget they are just in high school or college. 

We ask for you to participate as a judge for one or more of these competitive events.  We need judges for multiple different conference throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us to become a judge or learn more information on judging for Louisiana DECA. 

We ask for you to participate as a judge for one or more of these competitive events.  Below is the list of Event types.  We are in need of judges from February 28-March 5.  The good news is that you can do your judging at anytime on any of these dates.  Look at the event types below and type which event or event types you feel qualified to judge into the form on the right.  Everything will be done online and there will be no face-to-face competition this year.  You will view the student’s upload presentations and then evaluation them.

Event Types:​












Job Interviewing/Human Resources


Business Administration


Community Service




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