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Join your fellow DECA members January 26, 2024 to attend the Louisiana DECA Sports Marketing Conference. Where you'll learn about careers with a professional team. Tour the Smoothie King Arena, and attend the Pelicans VS the Oklahoma Thunders that night. 

Click on the photo for the registration form!


When you open it, it will be in a spreadsheet format.  If you click each tab at the bottom of the screen, you can see the

  1. Permission Slip (you hold these and bring to conference)

  2. Agenda (for Jan. 26-this is a tentative agenda)

  3. Directions for Parking-if you want to park your car, it is cheaper to order your parking pass through La. DECA at $20/car.

  4. Bus Parking-cost this year is $40 and you pay La. DECA who will order your bus parking spot under your school name.

  5. Arena Area-what’s around the arena including the parking locations.

  6. Marketing Minute Rubric-this is the competition we offer to each chapter to participate in.  The Guidelines for this competition are also attached; PowerPoints are due to state advisor by Jan. 17.  Prizes are awarded.


Registrations must be emailed in by Dec. 15 with a payment mailed that day.  Once we order your tickets, there is no refund on anything.


Please invite others to the game:  family members, basketball team, principal, other teachers, etc.  If they come to the conference, the price is $20/registration and includes their Pelicans t-shirt.  If they are just coming to the game, it is just the price of the ticket.  These people do not need to be members of DECA. You can leave tickets for others coming to the game at the Will-Call station in the Arena. The person you put on the pack of tickets must have a photo ID to pick them up.

Pelican t-shirt design front side.jpg

Click the above picture to download the registration packet.

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