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Applicants may apply for any or all of the five grant opportunities outlined below. Louisiana public high schools and Louisiana charter schools are eligible to apply for MERA grants. Who should apply for a MERA grant?

  1. DECA Advisors (or those who plan to start a DECA Chapter), should complete the application in order to apply for registration costs for the advisor and students to attend DECA state-wide conferences. (see Conference Grant info below for details on using grant funds for the Sports Marketing Conference)

  2. Teachers that wish to apply for a grant to receive Customer Service vouchers.

  3. Teachers that wish to apply for a grant to participate in the Workforce Development online courses.

  4. Teachers that wish to apply for a grant to receive a Coping Skills Binder of classroom materials and lessons (a self-contained unit of instruction that you could use throughout the year, perhaps as bell-ringers. These will help students with “stinky-thinking.” It’s great for conflict resolution and in learning how to deal with complications that arise in a day to day workplace. It should also help with customer service skills and workplace behavior.

  5. Teachers that wish to apply for funding to assist with operations of a School-Based Enterprise or to start a School-Based Enterprise (an ongoing business in which students run and learn about the business through classroom lessons).

State Planning Region:  Use the map below to find your parish to determine your Region #.

If you are applying for the Customer Service Voucher Grant, you must email in the Customer Service Voucher Order/Pass-Fail Report form to  


Description of Sports Marketing Conference Projects-You must have your students complete one of the following projects and turn in a copy of your best with your final MERA report in the Spring.


Students will conduct an activity to study sports marketing & entertainment marketing. These are listed below:

Project #1:

Students will research a sports marketing related career and put together a poster, PowerPoint or short paper about the career which they present in class. Some Sports Marketing Careers: Sports Agent, Sports Event Coordinator, Sports Marketing Agent, Advertising for Sports Team, Public Relations Agent for Sports Team, Special Events Planner, Special Events Broker, Ticket Sales Manager, Sports Announcer, Sales Planner, General Manager, Sports Graphic Designer, Ticket Operations Coordinator, Group Sales Account Executive, Media Relations Director, Entertainment Coordinator, Sports Team WebMaster, Game Operations Director, Purchasing Agent

Project #2:

A team of 1-3 students (you can have multiple teams doing the same project) will develop a strategic plan to enhance or introduce a social networking component to the current promotion plan of the New Orleans Pelicans. Social networking uses electronic media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, podcasts, virtual worlds/communities, friend list, videos, blogs, etc. to capture and retain a specific target market. Using the New Orleans Pelicans organization, the team will research the current and potential use of social networking and its effectiveness. Each team

will develop a strategic plan to enhance or introduce social networking into the current promotion activities and give a written report on the 4 following topics: “Goals/objectives and short and long-term benefits to the business of enhancing or introducing social networking to the promotional activities,” “Proposed activities and timelines,” “Proposed budget,” and “Proposed metrics to measure ROI, sales, customers, traffic, etc.”

Project #3:

A team of 1-3 students (you can have multiple teams doing the same project) will conduct the research of the N.O. Pelican’s website, products, and services and develop a strategic plan based on the results of the research conducted. The strategic plan will provide new and exciting ways to restructure, change and update that the Pelican’s website to create a wider audience and/or generate more customers. In your report, you will describe the Pelican’s organization, discuss the Pelican’s current website structure, capabilities, offerings, etc., and research methods used in a SWOT Analysis to come up with the strengths and weaknesses of the Pelican’s website along with opportunities for the website and threats to the website. Then describe how to revise and improve the website. Create a timeline to implement the strategic plan, develop a cost analysis of revising the website, hosting fees, and technical support, and identify revenue streams for the website.

Project #4—Sports & Entertainment Marketing Minute Competition:

Here’s an activity that can probably be turned into a DECA CDC competitive written event and will be held at the Pelicans Sports Conference. In teams of 1-3 people, develop an in-game sporting entertainment event for an NBA game. Imagine that the event will be conducted during a Pelicans games sometime during this season. You might want to tie it to a particular holiday during the year or a particular game, but this is not mandatory. The event should last only 1 ½ minutes and will be run during either pre-game, a time-out break, a quarter break, a commercial break, or at half-time break. It will be conducted either on the basketball court or in the seating area. Think of a competition or an activity that uses a person, a group, the audience, some outside entertainment person/group and they would be involved on the Arena floor or in the seating area. Using PowerPoint, explain the activity, how long it will last (only 1 ½ minutes will be allowed…keep it quick-paced), who is the sponsor, who will be involved, when will it be presented during the game or pre-game. In addition to these questions, answer the questions in the guidelines below, and develop a budget for the activity. Discuss these in your presentation. Each member of the team must record part of the presentation and insert their voices with the slides. PowerPoint presentation should be no more than 10 minutes and all team members MUST verbally participate.


Each teacher/advisor can submit their best "Marketing Minute" PowerPoint to the state advisor by Nov. 30.  The entries will be evaluated by a team of businesspeople who will come up with the best 1-5 teams.  These 5 teams will then be invited to demonstrate their "Marketing Minute" at the Sports Conference.  All team members (1-3 people) must take part in the presentation; however, they can use additional students as participants.  A team of N.O. Pelicans marketing personnel will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.  Prizes will be awarded.

4 Sample Videos of Pelican-Type Marketing Minutes:   1   4  5

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