Note: advisors, even though the newsletters can not be visibly found on the website, you are more than welcomed to copy the link to the newsletter and share it out with your chapter officers.

Louisiana DECA Updates:

Fall Conference will be a virtual conference; there will be workshops, a written test, and awards and will be October 25.  The purpose of this conference is to help build leaders in your DECA Chapter and to help prepare them for state and national competitive events. We hope to see you and your members in attendance. MERA will pay for you and your students to attend the Fall Conference. All you need to do is register for the conference. Registration is open and members must register through their advisor. If you did not apply for other MERA Grants, there will be some paperwork for you to complete, but those who did apply for other MERA grants can just go ahead and register for the DECA Conference.

Advisors--All you need to do:

  • Collect student names, t-shirt sizes, competitive event choice for each student and email address (t-shirts will be shipped to your school after the conference)

  • Register yourself and your students in the online system; tell me if you, the advisor, is not attending the virtual conference. Registration is open 10/5-10/12.

  • You will receive testing instructions the week of testing so that you can give students their competitive event test; you just pick the date(s).

  • Print and give students the Agenda.  The presenter will email each registrant the link to the Zoom training.

  • That’s it!  No other forms to fill out and no money to pay (if you responded to the Fall Conference Survey shown in the email sent on 10/5/2020).

AGENDA-Sunday, October 25, 2020

12:00 p.m.    DECA Competition Kickoff
                       What's your why?  Why compete?
                       How do you choose a competitive event?
12:30 p.m.    10-minute break
12:40 p.m.     DECA Role Play Crash Course
                       Using KICC to Rock Your Role Play
                       Top Tips for Role Play Success
                       The Power of Storytelling Part 1
1:25 p.m.      DECA Leadership Styles
                       Uncover who you are as a DECA Leader!
2:15 p.m.      10-minute break
2:25 p.m.      DECA Written Event Excellence
                       VEGAS, Here We Come!
                       Formatting is Everything!
                       The Power of Storytelling Part 2
3:05 p.m.      21st Century Skills
                       Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
3:45 p.m.      10-minute break
3:55 p.m.       Interview with a former ICDC Champion
                        Hear from a recent ICDC Champion to find out how you can be your best in the competition!
4:25 p.m.       Being NEXT LEVEL Leaders in a Diverse World
                        Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
4:55 p.m.       One Step Closer to Being Next Level Competitors!
5:00 p.m.       Finished Training; Announcement of Winners-medals will be shipped to teachers for distribution

After the training date, members will have access to the 100XED.TV virtual platform for 30-days to view on-demand content as a supplemental resource to the live training.


Just as we have done in the past for our state conference, each student MUST take one of the objective tests for competition.  They can choose from either (1) Marketing, (2) Business Management & Administration, (3) Hospitality/Tourism, or (4) Finance.  Each student must select 1 test.

If you are meeting your students in the class, you can act as the proctor.  If you do not meet with students in person, contact me. You will give the test on any of the following days between

7 a.m.-5 p.m. on Oct. 15, 16, 19, 20, or 21 [you pick which date(s)]

Students will have 50 minutes to answer as many of the questions out of 100 that they can.  Keep in mind that this is not so much to see what they know, but to teach them how the state conference testing works.  We will, however, give medals to the winners in each of the 4 test categories for 1st-year members and for 2nd-4th year members.  The winners will be announced on Sunday and then shipped to each school.

Any additional information about the fall conference can be found in the email sent to advisors on October 5, 2020.

Any members affected by or any chapter's hosting drives for Hurricane Laura's affected, please contact AnnMarie Brumley; a few Chapters out-of-state have offered to send care packages to those affected. Even though it is October, we know the hurricane's effects are still taking a toll on those impacted.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey on the 2020-2021 Louisiana DECA year if you have not done so yet. 

DECA Inc. Updates:

Important Dates:

September 28-October 2








Virtual Event






  • DECA Power 2020

DECA Power 2020 is free with paid membership by October 30, 2020. DECA Power is the virtual conference of Powertrip.

Conference T-shirts are $15 and the Competitive Experience is $25.

The DECA POWER Experience will feature:

  • New content each week along with an advisor classroom companion

  • Three general sessions – one each week

  • Live networking sessions each week to connect DECA members

  • Virtual workshops hosted by DECA’s executive officers and association officer teams

  • Digital certificate of participation for your DECA members' portfolio

  •  DECA's Video call series!

Next #OneDECA Call - October 21, 2020 

Next Southern Region Call - October 26, 2020 

  • 2020 DECA Pumpkin Contest

  • Chapter Campaign Guidebook NOW AVAILABLE 

  • Membership Recruitment Toolkit

  • Elevate your leadership with the DECA Leadership Styles Quiz and discover insights on who you are as a leader.